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WK Fic Recs, Searches, and Discussion

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Weiss Kreuz fic recs, searches, and discussion
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Welcome to WK Fic Finds! This community is for in-depth Weiss Kreuz fanfic recommendations and discussions, as well as a resource for those who need help in locating (or at least identifying) fics of past enjoyment.

The goal is to maintain an active community for Weiss Kreuz fanfic writers and readers and also to have a varied archive of enjoyable stories (so please share your favorites!) for new and old fans alike :)
1. Respect each other. Don't flame/bash other members because you don't share the same tastes. Feel free to discuss the issue like adults, and if in the end there's still no resolution--agree to disagree.

2. Keep posts on topic. This is about Weiss Kreuz fanfiction. Don't ask for Weiss mp3's or anime episodes here.

3. Use correct formatting when posting:
  a) If reccing -
    Title: (include link to story here - How To)
    Author: (include author's website [if different from the story archive]/LJ if applicable)
    Rating: (G - all ages, PG - some material not suited to children, T - some material inappropriate for children under 13, R - some material not suitable for minors, NC-17 - inappropriate for minors, adults only)
    Status: (oneshot, WIP, or completed)
    Warnings: (deathfic, crossover, etc.)
    Read this because: (try to provide an in-depth description)

    Cut and paste the following for your convenience:

  b) If searching, please include [Search] in the subject.
  c) If starting a discussion, please include [Discussion] and your topic in the subject.

4. Use your best judgment when issuing a rating. If you're not sure whether the fic is T or R, err on the side of caution. Conversely, heed the rating and warnings in general. If a fic is rated NC-17 or warns of BDSM, and you read it and became traumatized by it, don't complain. You did the clicking.

5. Tag your entry by pairing, theme or discussion topic where applicable, and with "fic search" for search posts. Complete guidelines here. Also, use the tags to determine if a fic is already recced or if the fic you're looking for is already posted.

6. Leave feedback on the stories as often as you can. Firstly, because it shows appreciation to the author, who otherwise doesn't get compensated for his/her time and effort. Secondly, because it might encourage said author to write more in the future.

7. Not exactly a rule--but if you have the time, please fill out the fic meme. Not only is it a good way to discover new stories, the meme also generates ideas for new themes and gives reccers an idea of what you like to read.
1. Have a suggestion to better manage this community? Got a question? Tell us here.

2. Want to add a fic rec theme? Go to this post.

We're not too strict. Anything that has to do with Weiss Kreuz fanfiction is welcome.

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