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14th-Feb-2015 06:03 am - KnightRan
Does anyone have a copy of moshesque 's KnightRan fic, which would they wouldn't mind e-mailing to me?

I've forgotten the title, but it's Knight's POV. It was set in winter, and Knight was a widower with a child.

Thank you.
16th-Jun-2014 09:32 pm - fic search
ffvii: zack/aerith || glory of love
Okay, pretty much the only thing I remember about this fic is that it`s both Yohji/Aya and Ken/Omi, maybe a long get together fic, and there's a scene where Yohji comes home and walks in on Ken/Omi making out (on a chair?) and Omi freaks out.

Afterwards, Ken comes to see Yohji out on a balcony/rooftop to find out how he's taking it (pretty good with him boning Aya and all..)

I know that's pretty vague but... does anyone know what fic it is? I cannot find it anymooooore. :(
15th-Apr-2014 07:06 pm - Aya captured
I'm looking a fic where Aya is captured and put on display for a underground community  of slave owners. I believe Weiss was investigating them at an amusement park. I think Aya and the other slaves are wearing masks. At one point, Aya is running for his life in the amusement park.
I am looking for Return of War by Dextrousleftie I have the first 12 chapters and the 3 previous stories The Four Horseman, 200 Kisses and Crazy in Love but I don't have the rest. It is no longer on the adultfanfiction.net where I read it and I looked else where and only found the first 12 chapters when searching the web. Does anyone have this saved to their computer if so could you send it to me? Please could anyone help?
18th-Sep-2013 10:31 pm - [SEARCH] for a Crawford/Schuldig fic
Hello to everyone! I really really need help with this one.

I've read this fic a long time ago and completely forgot the title, the author and most of the plot, but here's what I remember clearly:

it was a story of Schuldig's harsh training in Rosenkreuz - he was brought here by Crawford who promised to come back after his graduation or smth like that so Schuldig waited for him, scratching marks for every passing day on a door-post in his room. In a wing with telepaths like Schuldig were pyrokinetics as well. Also I remember scientists performing some kind of awful experiments on him and other telepaths, involving electrical shock, etc.

Maybe someone here read that fic too and could help me, it would be awesomely great!
Thank you for your time :)
5th-May-2013 06:20 pm - [SEARCH] Fics with defunct sites
Hi all, I've been looking for a copy of the following series:

Geheilt/Zebrochen by Tritorella Tritorella.

I know she brought down her site a while back but I'm hoping someone had a copy of her stories and is willing to share. I had a copy a while back but that was two computer crashes ago. It would only be for personal use. Thanks muchly for any response.

EDIT: Oh and my email is angharad.aoibhell@gmail.com .
Hi! So there's this WIP fanfic which I read a few years back and I haven't been able to find again. I remember only bits and pieces of it - at the start, someone (I think Omi) comes upon a dead Schuldig (who had shot himself) and a traumatized Nagi. (Maybe)Omi brings Nagi back to Ran, where they find that Nagi has been raised as a pet - he sits and eats on the ground, because 'Pets aren't allowed on the furniture' and he is very jittery with Ran's attempts to change him from a pet into a submissive. Brad is the main antagonist in the story, and Omi is Ran's submissive. Hope someone can point me in the right direction!
wibbling wibbling riko
But I seem to remember it having members of the Weiss acquiring special powers and Omi getting the short end of the stick and, as a result, having huge problems maintaining a relationship. One of them (Ken?) might have been given pyrokinesis...

I'm not sure if it was Tritorella's fic or something else. I'm reading through bits of the New World Order series by Aoi and it doesn't really seem to be that...

Thanks for the help ;_;
14th-Oct-2011 02:43 pm - more Aya/Omi love ;)
Title: Title: Schade
Author: bonnejeanne and Cassiopeia
Pairing: Aya/Omi
Rating: NC-17
Status: finished
Warnings: PWP
Summary: Omi has to lose another bit of his innocence to Weiss. As usual, he doesn't mind.
Read this because:

This fic is pretty much PWP, but it's very well written PWP, it does have some depth to it and is free of fanon clichés. I really like the characterizations, especially of Omi who is portrayed as a sexually inexperienced *17-year-old* boy-- I think he acts very realistic; interested in sex, enjoying it, but not exactly confident. I suspect that the opinions whether the excuse for Aya and Omi to have sex is strong enough may vary, but I personally find it quite good (and I say it as someone who cares about canon, IC a lot). Considering how messed-up devoted to Weiss Omi is, and how determined to complete the missions Aya is, I think they could have acted like that in such a situation. I find them both quite reasonable. Certainly a good Aya/Omi read ^^

Unrelated: a few entries ago I wrote a recommendation of Marty's Aya/Ken fic, The Sweet Hell We Shared. I wanted to add that, besides fanart, there also is amazing cosplay based on the story (with SPOILERS), it's here (the third set of pictures)
13th-Oct-2011 12:59 pm(no subject)
Title: Bad Blood
Author: daegaer
Pairing: Ran/Mamoru
Rating: PG
Status: Finished
Warnings: none?
Summary: "Mamoru thinks he has lost his innocence but Ran proves him wrong."
Read this because: It's wonderful! ;)

I find Mamoru's relationship with Aya fascinating. There aren't many fans interested in exploring the interaction, it seems, but thankfully daegaer was one of those who are :) The story is lovely, heartbreaking, it flows beautifully. I just finished rereading and feel overwhelmed with emotion. I find the characterizations perfect. You probably noticed how fixated on Aya Mamoru is, from Fight Fire With Fire to Side B; how he looks up to Aya, even when Aya's boss-- it's all in Bad Blood. I think the interaction is portrayed very true to canon, and it's wonderful.

There is a bit of great humor, too :)

I recommend, and not only to Ran/Omi fans.
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